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Industrial Products and Solutions

Industrial steel storage shelving and shelves, heavy-duty pallet racks, metal wide-span bulk racking, adjustable workbenches, and locking modular drawer cabinets for storing inventory, automotive parts, cartons, boxes, and other material handling storage.
  • Air Curtains

    Air Curtains

    Prevent dust, odors, insects, fumes, and other outside pollutants from entering your facility to maintain air quality and minimize loss to save energy in offices, grocery stores, retail, warehouses, and more.

  • Automotive Racks

    Automotive and Battery Storage Systems

    Specialized automotive storage systems and hanging racks provide efficient storage for floor mats, hanging parts, tires, windshields, and other specialized automotive items.

  • Bulk Racks

    Bulk Racks

    Steel bulk racks are heavy-duty and durable solutions forstoring large and oversize parts and boxes. Decking options are available insteel, wire, or with no decking for use with wood panels.

  • Bulk Storage Bins

    Bulk Storage Bins

    Heavy-duty bulk storage bins collapse and stack when not in use and are designed to reduce manual handling of large and bulky materials with a high-density polyethylene construction that is durable enough to use in all types of industrial environments.

  • Computer Cabinets

    Dust Free Computer Enclosures

    Wall mounted computer cabinets keep computers dust-free in industrial work environments.

  • Cylinder Storage Products

    Cylinder Storage Products

    Cylinder storage products allow propane tanks to remain organized, visible, and safe while in storage or during transit. Hand trucks with the flexibility to save space or lockable racks that comply with OSHA requirements available to accommodate your industrial application needs.

  • Dock Bumpers & Chocks

    Dock Bumpers & Chocks

    Dock bumpers and chocks come in many configurations to protect your shipping and receiving docks from damage. Pick from laminated or solid rubber bumpers that are durable and economical.

  • Drum Storage & Handling

    Drum Storage & Handling

    Drum spill control racks and more provide durable, liquid storage and containment protection, so industrial applications have safer material access. Many configurations include removable components and casters or allow forklift use to simplify saving space and cleaning.

  • Fans & Turbines

    Fans & Turbines

    Hot, unventilated, and stale air can cause numerous problems in your facility, from productivity decline to equipment failure and serious worker injury. Fans are a great way to reduce energy costs and keep your workers and equipment safe.
  • Flow Racks

    Flow Racks

    Gravity flow racks are slanted to promote FIFO (first-in, first-out) product rotation by keeping cartons, totes, and other materials at the front of the unit for easy picking, making them ideal for production lines and pick zones. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing).
  • Guard Rails

    Guard Rails

    Industrial guardrails and forklift safety barriers provide protection for employees, machinery, and other equipment and pedestrians from falls or accidents. Guardrails are powder coat painted OSHA safety yellow and available in single and double-rails. Components bolt together and are easy to install, move, or add to in the future.
  • Guard Shacks

    Guard Shacks

    These prefabricated guard shacks and guard booths are available in multiple sizes depending on the number of occupants. Smaller guard booths are ideal for parking lots, checkpoints, or outdoor shipping/receiving. Larger guard shacks are also available with optional HVAC and exterior lighting, making them ideal for use as mobile command centers, exterior offices, and more. All guard shacks come with electrical hook-ups, overhead LED lights, and windows.

  • Industrial Mezzanine Lift

    Industrial Mezzanine Lift

    Industrial mezzanine lifts are material elevators that lift bulky and heavy materials to upper floors in a facility. These lifts can raise materials 60' high, weighing 30,000 lbs. on caged platforms measuring 30' x30'. Architectural Revit Models
  • Industrial Shelving

    Industrial Shelving

    Industrial shelving is available in multiple sizes, colors, and materials for storing your tools, parts, supplies, and other equipment.

  • Jib, Gantry Cranes & Hoists

    Jib, Gantry Cranes & Hoists

    Jib, gantry cranes, and hoists come in many configurations to suit your industrial semi-permanent and permanent application needs. Pick from models with the mobility to facilitate relocating materials from one area to another or lightweight, compact alternatives designed to resist corrosion and allow outdoor use.

  • Material Handling Equipment

    Material Handling Equipment

    Material handling products make lifting, loading, and unloading materials easy, safe, ergonomic, and expedient.

  • Mezzanines


    Prefabricated mezzanines are an easy way to add extra floorspace to your facility without costly and time-consuming construction. Since the mezzanines come in pre-manufactured kits, it's easy to set them up for use right away. See below for mezzanine kits available in IBC and OSHA compliant designs.

  • Mobile Cabinets

    Mobile Cabinets

    Storemorestore carries a wide range of Steel Mobile Drawer Cabinets to include Heavy Duty which can hold up to 400 Lbs in each drawer, to Light duty cabinets which are great to store parts, tools, and equipment in lockable shelves below the cabinet.
  • Modular Cabinets

    Rousseau Heavy-Duty Modular Cabinets
  • Modular Prefab Offices

    Modular Prefab Offices

    Modular prefab offices create interior office space in warehouses, businesses, cleanrooms, and more. The buildings are constructed of durable modular panels reinforced with steel frames. Shipped in complete prefabricated kits, these portable offices arrive ready for assembly and facilitate clean and easy installation, dismantling, and relocation.
  • Pallet Rack Decking

    Pallet Rack Decking

    Pallet rack decking can support bulky materials and includes clearance bars that provide support for and access to non-palletized loads. Other deck rack perforated channels have a durable finish and are designed to help you comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and fire code regulations.

  • Pallet Rack Safety Panels

    Pallet Rack Safety Panels

    Pallet rack safety panels with wire mesh construction attach to your existing pallet racks to keep items from shifting or falling.
  • Pallets & Accessories

    Pallets & Accessories

    Steel pallets and material handling equipment allow two and four-way pallet and forklift access to simplify the product transport process. Pick from food and chemical industry reusable models that have a non-skid surface and remain easy-to-clean with a power washer or heavy-duty, non-reversible alternatives with a rust-resistant finish.

  • Pedestal Cabinets

    Pedestal Cabinets

    Pedestal bench cabinets are designed for storing tools and small parts in industrial workbenches. Configurable drawers with partitions and dividers help organize your storage in a small footprint.
  • Pipe & Bar Stock Racks

    Pipe & Bar Stock Racks

    Horizontal and vertical pipe and bar stock racks are ideal for storing long materials like strut, bar stock, trim lumber, threaded rods, and more safely in a compact footprint.

  • Plastic Bins

    FrameWRX Bins for Frame Works Shelving
  • Post Protectors

    Post Protectors

    Post and column protectors provide an economical and durablesolution to guard racks, columns, and interior building walls against damagefrom fork trucks and carts. Pick from a variety of sizes, styles, and options foryour unique application.
  • Removable Tray Carts

    Removable Tray Carts

    These industrial carts come with removable trays for flexible storage and transportation. The easily removable trays/shelves are available in single and double-sided configurations that are ideal for parts restocking, distribution, and assembly applications.

  • Safety Cabinets

    Safety Cabinets

    Store hazardous materials such as chemicals, paints, and corrosive or flammable substances in OSHA-approved safety cabinets. These double-wall durable cabinets are FM approved and meet all NFPA and OSHA safety standards.

  • Safety Gates

    Safety Gates

    Safety gates control the flow of traffic, direct personnel, and restrict access to unsafe industrial work areas are available in many configurations to suit your specific application requirements. Pick from lightweight, nestable gates to help you limit personnel access to heavy-duty plastic models with mobile casters and safety reflectors to promote visibility.

  • Sheet Metal & Plywood Racks

    Sheet Metal & Plywood Racks

    Sheet Metal & Plywood Racks allow sheet goods to remain off the floor and avoid warping while stored in a safe, accessible horizontal or vertical position that maximizes hard-to-reach space. Pick from horizontal, standard, and variable-height configurations with generous bay or flat-style storage compartments designed to improve material visibility and access while simplifying viewing.

  • Shelving with Drawers

    Shelving with Drawers

    Modular shelving with adjustable drawers combine storage for small, medium, and large parts in one unit so you can organize your space in a smaller footprint. Ideal for storing tools, supplies, and other equipment efficiently.
  • Strip Door Curtains

    Strip Door Curtains

    Industrial and pedestrian strip door curtains are available in recessed and surface mounted configurations for providing temperature, noise, and dust control.

  • Wall Mounted Shelving

    Wall Mounted Shelving

    Adjustable wall mounted shelves are available in single units or multi-wide kits with individually adjustable brackets that are ideal for storing books, files, and other office supplies.

  • Wire Security Partitions

    Wire Security Partitions

    Wire security partitions are an easy and convenient way to create secure storage enclosures in warehouses, tool cribs, server rooms, evidence storage, DEA storage, and more.

  • Wire Shelving

    Wire Shelving

    Wire shelving and bakers racks are available in multiple configurations and promote a clean and dust-free environment with wire construction for healthcare, electronics storage, food storage, and more.

  • Wire Shelving Carts

    Wire Shelving Carts

    Rolling wire dolly carts, security carts, backer carts, and stem caster carts are great storage solutions for transporting supplies quickly while promoting clean and dust-free storage.

  • Wire Spool Racks

    Wire Spool Racks

    Wire spool racks make storage and retrieval of wire, cable, hose, tubing, chains, and rope easy and efficient. Adjustable axles allow storage for multiple types of spools on the same rack to save space and prevents the need for workers to lift heavy spools or reels to retrieve products.
  • Work & Lift Tables

    Work & Lift Tables

    Work and lift tables are designed to allow a pallet truck to place a load on the platform or bring work to an ergonomic position. The worktables help foster a more comfortable and productive workplace. With the ability to relocate and save space, worktables can be manually adjusted so the platform height and tilt angle to reduce fatigue and risk of injury.

  • Work Benches


    Adjustable height workbenches and workstations are available in many configurations and with multiple accessories such as CPU support to provide ergonomic working areas.

How Industrial Storage Can Improve Your Business

An excellent industrial storage solution can make a world of difference, directly impacting your business's efficiency, productivity, and safety. Whether you run a repair shop looking to stock automotive parts or a warehouse storing inventory, well-designed industrial storage helps you stay organized. Storage options like industrial shelving make space for new items and ensure that your floor space is well-utilized.

The Benefits of Industrial Storage Solutions

Industrial storage units like industrial shelving and lockers are designed to store and organize your inventory, giving you and your staff easy access to the items they contain. If you know where everything is and can reach it easily, you're bound to see increased efficiency and productivity. Additionally, each component is durable, strong, and will provide safe storage for your inventory for years. Our heavy-duty storage racks are strong enough to keep your bigger items safe and prevent accidents.

One of the most significant benefits of offerings like our industrial storage racks is that they save space while being easy to scale. You can configure them in various ways as your storage requirements shift, ultimately saving you space, time, and money. For example, you may want to start with wire shelving and eventually progress to wire mobile shelving.

Why Buy Industrial Storage Solutions from StoreMoreStore?

StoreMoreStore supplies storage solutions, including heavy-duty storage shelves, to businesses in diverse industries. From warehouses and repair shops to healthcare providers and local governments, we can advise you on the best and most efficient storage system for your business. We believe that the right storage solution can help a business function better. Get in touch with us today for quality rolling racks, safety gates, rotary bin shelving, and a host of other industrial storage solutions. Call us at (855) 786-7667 or email us for a quote!