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Industrial Sloped Shelving

Sloped shelving units make it easy for users to pick items while following FIFO stock rotation principles. When items are loaded from the back of the unit, the slanted shelves allow gravity flow to keep items loaded first in the front and recently stocked items in the back. Incorporated with bins, the sloped shelving also makes it easier to see stored items.

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Sloped shelving units make it easy forusers to pick items while following FIFO stock rotation principles. When itemsare loaded from the back of the unit, the slanted shelves allow gravity flow tokeep items loaded first, in the front, and recently stocked items in the back.Incorporated with bins, the sloped shelving also makes it easier to see storeditems.

What are slanted shelves used for?

Shelvingwith slanted shelves is perfect for enhancing parts picking and FIFO (Firstin First Out) stock rotation. Products can be loaded from the backside of theshelving and selected from the front side of the unit. Shelves are sloped toallow a natural gravity flow. Slanted shelves also make parts easier to see andpick from plastic bins. The shelving units come with a flat top and bottomshelves with an option to have all shelves sloped.

What is the difference between racking and shelving?

Theprimary difference between racking and shelving involves putting items into thesystem and then retrieving those items by hand. With racking, products arestored and retrieved using equipment, such as forklifts.

Advantages of using shelving

Themost apparent advantage of shelving systems is that these units save valuablefloor space. Additionally, organizing heavy industrialproductshas never been more straightforward. For industrial applications, metalshelving is the most durable while offering versatility. Metal slopedshelvingis a heavy-duty product and has more capacity for storage than other types ofshelving.

StoremoreStore Industrial Sloped Shelving Product Line

  • We offer a widerange of industrialsloped shelving products to meet our customer'sneeds. Some highlighted products are:
  • FIFO Metal WarehouseSloped Shelf G Having dimensions of 4'W x 3'D x 7'3" H includes two shelfguides, and these guides are adjustable on 1.5" increments along the shelfwidth. Find this product here.
  • FIFO Titled GravityStorage Shelf G Measuring 3'W x 1'6" D x 6'3" H, this sloped shelvingunit is 20-gauge steel. Each kit includes four anchors, anchoring brackets,12-gauge shims, and 16-gauge shims. Find this product here.
  • Sloped Shelving forWarehouses G Sized at 3'6" W x 2'6" D x 7'3" H, this space-savingshelving unit is a win for warehouses. It is equipped with 20-gauge box-typesteel flat shelves that are welded together. Find this product here.

Market Applications for Industrial Sloped Shelving

  • Industrial Warehousing
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive Part Storage
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Heavy Equipment Storage

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