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About End Tab and Side Tab File Folders
Last Updated: 06/17/2013
End tab filing is an efficient alternative for organizations. Using folders with tabs on the end instead of the top allows files to be stored on shelves with all of the indexing exposed for quick and easy access by more than one person at a time. Considering the quantity of documents to be stored and activity of the documents is important to selecting the right end tab folder for your use.

File Folder Capacity:
Standard end tab manila folders are designed to store ¾” of documents. Folders have expansion score lines to provide precise folding to match the size the folder with the amount of documents stored in the folder. Heavyweight pressboard end tab folders have expanding gussets to hold up to 3” of documents. Large bulky documents can be stored in expanding file pockets that expand up to 6” wide.

Single-ply or Double-ply End Tabs:
The end or side tabs is where wear and tear occurs most on end tab folders. Single-ply end tab folders are designed for folders with little to no activity, while double-ply end tab folders are designed for folders with normal to high activity.

Folder Fastener Options:
Fasteners within end tab folders serve two purposes. First, documents are secured to the folder to increase the file’s security and integrity, and secondly, to keep documents in order within the folder for fast access. Fasteners can be placed in numerous locations within the end tab folder (see picture).

End Tab Tick Marks (Exact Match):
The chart below shows positions of tick marks used by different manufacturers for color coded label placement. These tick marks may be printed or scored depending on the manufacturer.

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