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Property Bags
Last Updated: 02/13/2019

Property & Evidence Bags & Storage Racks

We have all types of property and evidence storage bags, racks, and accessories. From the table below, click on the desired part number to be directed to the product page for pricing, features, and buying options.

Property & Evidence Storage Accessories
See all products Property & Evidence Accessories
Soft Property Storage Containers
Width x Length x Height Part # Color
See-Through Vinyl Lunch Boxes 10"W x 11"L x 7"H SMS-21-PCLB114717IMP Clear
See-Through Soft Storage Containers 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCSBXL161217IMP Clear
Inmate See-Through Mesh Cell Container 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCSBX166025BIMP Clear Green Mesh
Prison Personal Property Containers 10"W x 16.25"D x 11"H SMS-21-PCSBX103461IMP Blue
Nylon Mesh Detention Storage Cell Bags 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCSBX165961IMP Royal Blue
Clear Vinyl Property Soft Storage Container 16"W x 24"D x 14"H SMS-21-PCSBXL161217IMP Clear
Clear Cell Property Mesh Storage Bags 16"W x 24"L x 12"H SMS-21-PCNETBX165165H Clear White Mesh
Inmate Personal Storage Bags 16"W x 26"D x 16"H SMS-21-PCSBX163461IMP Royal Blue
See-Through Inspection Storage Bags 10"W x 16.25"D x 11"H SMS-21-PCSBX102809IMP Black
(See Through)
Nylon See-Through Cell
Organizer Storage Bag
10"W x 16.25"D x 11"H SMS-21-PCSBX106025BIMP Green Mesh
(See Through)
Hanging Property Storage
Racks & Bags
Width x Depth x Height Part # Color
Hanging Property Storage Racks (Two-Tier) 60"W x 22"D x 72"H SMS-21-PCRAILRACK5 Chrome
Hanging Assault Rifle Storage Bags 14"W x 46"L SMS-21-PCGBRFA463665IMP Clear Spun-bound
Hanging Rifle Property Storage Bags 9"W x 44"L SMS-21-PCGBRF443665IMP Clear Spun-bound
Hanging Ventilated Mesh
Inmate Storage Bags
20"W x 28"L - Gusset 3" SMS-21-PCSB205909IMP Black (See Through)
Hanging Handgun Property Storage Bags 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCGBHD123665IMP Clear Spun-bound
Hanging Property Bags
with Document Sleeve
20"W x 28"L - Gusset 3" SMS-21-PCSB205961IMP Royal Blue
Property Shotgun Storage Bags 9"W x 54"L SMS-21-PCGBSG543665IMP Clear Spun-bound
Property & Evidence Bags
for Valuables
Width x Length Part # Color
Disposable Property Bags 6"W x 9"L SMS-21-PCBON69 Clear Plastic
with Labeling
Throwaway Property & Evidence Bags 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCBON912 Clear Plastic
with Labeling
Inmate Valuables Storage Pouches 8"W x 11"L SMS-21-PCVP083467IMP Yellow
Reusable Valuable
Property & Evidence Pouches
8"W x 11"L SMS-21-PCVP083465IMP Clear
Clear Valuables Property Storage Pouches 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCVP093465IMP Clear
Valuables Property Pouches 9"W x 12"L SMS-21-PCVP093467IMP Yellow
Hanging Garment Bags Width x Length Part # Color
Hanging Inmate Garment Bags 22" W x 29" L - Gusset 3" SMS-21-PCSL295961IMP Royal Blue
Hanging Conveyor Clothes Bags 22" W x 31.5" L - Gusset 3" SMS-21-PCCB222809IMP
Hanging Inmate Garment Bags 22"W x 36"L - Gusset 3"
SMS-21-PCSL365961IMP Royal Blue
Long Hanging Garment Bag with Pockets 22" W x 44" L - Gusset 3"
Long Hanging Garment Bag with Pockets 22" W x 48" L - Gusset 3"
Extra Long Ventilated
Hanging Garment Bags
22" W x 48" L - Gusset 3" SMS-21-PCHB483 Available in
6 colors
Security Tie Straps Length
Part #
7" Cinch Up Security seal Tie Straps
7" SMS-21-PCCU19TO Available in 5 colors
Equilock Security Tamper Proof Tie Straps
7.25" SMS-21-PCEQ19CO
Available in 5 colors

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