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Rotary Cabinet Video Library
Last Updated: 06/27/2019

Rotary Cabinet Video Library

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Rotary Cabinets in Action

Two-Sided Spinning Rotary Cabinets

Rotating Office File and Storage Cabinets

This 12-second video demonstrates how easily the rotary cabinet spins while being fully loaded.

This 47-second video shows how the double-sided cabinets use a Lazy Susan circular rotating method to provide twice the storage as a traditional cabinet.

This 24-second video demonstrates how the rotating cabinets use less space than filing cabinets and are available in multiple heights.

Rotating Pharmacy Cabinets & Medical Supply Storage

Double-Sided Rotary Filing Cabinet | Spinning Shelving Storage Systems

This 26-second video demonstrates how rotary cabinets can be used to securely store pharmacy and medical supplies.

This 22-second video shows how double-sided rotary filing cabinets and spinning shelving storage systems revolve 360° to save floor space.

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