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Box Lockers
Last Updated: 06/27/2019

Box Lockers Reference Page

There is a time where stuff needs to be stored, your stuff, personal stuff, that stuff you are responsible for locking and securing. When it's time for this stuff to be stored away and secured, a place needs to be provided, and lockers are the solution.

All Purpose Box Lockers

All-purpose lockers are ideal storage solutions for a wide variety of applications and are available with multiple constructions, finishes, and manual or digital lock options. (All Openings 12"W x 12"H)

Dimensions Tier 1 Frame
3 Frame
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"D x 66"H 5 SMS-39-U1226-5PT SMS-39-U3226-5PT
15"D x 66"H 5 SMS-39-U1256-5PT SMS-39-U3256-5PT
18"D x 66"H 5 SMS-39-U1286-5PT SMS-39-U3286-5PT
12"D x 78"H 6 SMS-39-U1228-6PT SMS-39-U3228-6PT
15"D x 78"H 6 SMS-39-U1258-6PT SMS-39-U3258-6PT
18"D x 78"H 6 SMS-39-U1288-6PT SMS-39-U3288-6PT

Preassembled Box Lockers

Pre-assembled lockers are shipped directly to you ready to unpack and set in place. Available in numerous sizes and purchasing options in single or three-wide units for the best value. All lockers are 6 Tier (All Openings 12"W x 12"H) (lockers in this category all include include base, locks and optional sloped top where mentioned)

Depth Flat top 1 Frame
(12"W x 78"H)
Slope Top 1 Frame
(12"W x 82"H)
Flat Top 3 Frames
(36"W x 78"H)
Slope Top 3 Frames
(36"W x 82"H)
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12" SMS-39-URB1228-6A SMS-39-URB1228-6ASB SMS-39-URB3228-6A SMS-39-URB3228-6ASB
15" SMS-39-URB1258-6A SMS-39-URB1258-6ASB SMS-39-URB3258-6A SMS-39-URB3258-6ASB
18" SMS-39-URB1288-6A SMS-39-URB1288-6ASB SMS-39-URB3288-6A SMS-39-URB3288-6ASB

Digital (Keyless) Lockers

Keyless digital lockers eliminate the need for manual management of keys. The lockers can be configured for permanent or temporary use with multiple locking options for users to store and retrieve their personal items efficiently. All lockers include 6 Tiers per frame.

Dimensions 1 Frame
3 Frame
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"D x 78"H SMS-39-UEL1228-6 SMS-39-UEL3228-6
15"D x 78"H SMS-39-UEL1258-6 SMS-39-UEL3258-6
18"D x 78"H SMS-39-UEL1288-6 SMS-39-UEL3288-6

Clear Door Lockers

Clear door lockers are lockers with Plexiglas front doors allowing high visibility to the contents of the locker while securing those same contents. These lockers are a perfect solution for schools, businesses, detention centers for personal security.

Dimensions Tier Padlock 1 Frame
Padlock 3 Frame
Key-less 1 Frame
Key-less 3 Frame
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"D x 78"H 4 SMS-39-USVP1228-4 SMS-39-USVP3228-4 SMS-39-UESVP1228-4 SMS-39-UESVP3228-4
15"D x 78"H 4 SMS-39-USVP1258-4 SMS-39-USVP3256-4 SMS-39-UESVP1258-4 SMS-39-UESVP3258-4
18"D x 78"H 4 SMS-39-USVP1288-4 SMS-39-USVP3258-4 SMS-39-UESVP1288-4 SMS-39-UESVP3288-4
12"D x 66"H 5 SMS-39-USVP1226-5 SMS-39-USVP3226-5 NA NA
15"D x 66"H 5 SMS-39-USVP1256-5 SMS-39-USVP3256-5 NA NA
18"D x 66"H 5 SMS-39-USVP1286-5 SMS-39-USVP3286-5 NA NA
12"D x 78"H 6 SMS-39-USVP1228-6 SMS-39-USVP3228-6 SMS-39-UESVP1228-6 SMS-39-UESVP3228-6
15"D x 78"H 6 SMS-39-USVP1258-6 SMS-39-USVP3258-6 SMS-39-UESVP1258-6 SMS-39-UESVP3258-6
18"D x 78"H 6 SMS-39-USVP1288-6 SMS-39-USVP3288-6 SMS-39-UESVP1288-6 SMS-39-UESVP3288-6

Clear Door ADA Lockers

All lockers include three 12"W x 12"H box openings and one 12"W x 36"H ADA Opening.

Dimensions Padlock 1 Frame
Padlock 3 Frame
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"D x 78"H SMS-39-USVP1228-ADA SMS-39-USVP3228-ADA
15"D x 78"H SMS-39-USVP1258-ADA SMS-39-USVP3258-ADA
18"D x 78"H SMS-39-USVP1288-ADA SMS-39-USVP3288-ADA

Digital (Keyless) Backpack Locker

Discuss Openings

Dimensions 3 Tier - 1 Frame 4 Tier - 1 Frame 3 Tier - 3 Frame 4 Tier -3 Frame
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
15"W x 18"D x 78"H SMS-39-UELBP1588-3PL SMS-39-UELBP1588-4PL SMS-39-UELBP3588-3PL SMS-39-UELBP3588-4PL
15"W x 21"D x 78"H SMS-39-UELBP1518-3PL SMS-39-UELBP1518-4PL SMS-39-UELBP3518-3PL SMS-39-UELBP3518-4PL
18"W x 18"D x 78"H SMS-39-UELBP1888-3PL SMS-39-UELBP1888-4PL SMS-39-UELBP3888-3PL SMS-39-UELBP3888-4PL
18"W x 21"D x 78"H SMS-39-UELBP1818-3PL SMS-39-UELBP1818-4PL SMS-39-UELBP3818-3PL SMS-39-UELBP3818-4PL

Ventilated Lockers

Ventilated lockers allow air to flow freely through the compartments, which reduces the buildup of bacteria, mold, and odors while keeping stored items secure. All ventilated lockers are 6 tiers.

Dimensions 1 Frame
3 Frames
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"D x 78"H SMS-39-U1228-6HDV SMS-39-U3228-6HDV
15"D x 78"H SMS-39-U1258-6HDV SMS-39-U3258-6HDV
18"D x 78"H SMS-39-U1288-6HDV SMS-39-U3288-6HDV

Stainless Steel Lockers

Stainless steel lockers and locker accessories resist bacterial growth, corrosion, and rust, making them perfect for wet and outdoor storage, healthcare and food industries, and any application that requires sanitary storage. All stainless stell lockers are 6 tiers.

Dimensions Frames Part Number
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"W x 18"D x 78"H 1 SMS-39-USS1288-6
18"W x 18"D x 78"H 1 SMS-39-USS1888-6
36"W x 18"D x 78"H 3 SMS-39-USS3288-6
54"W x 18"D x 78"H 3 SMS-39-USS3888-6

Rust Proof Lockers

With galvannealed steel construction and a powder coat finish, the rust and corrosion resistant lockers are ideal for outdoor locations and all weather conditions, high humidity and moisture areas, and wet areas near showers and pools. All rust proof lockers are 6 tiers.

Dimensions 1 Frame
3 Frames
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
12"D x 78"H SMS-39-U1228-6G-PT SMS-39-U3228-6G-PT
15"D x 78"H SMS-39-U1258-6G-PT SMS-39-U3258-6G-PT
18"D x 78"H SMS-39-U1288-6G-PT SMS-39-U3288-6G-PT

Phenolic Lockers

Phenolic lockers are made of non-porous plastic material that does not rust, warp, or delaminate. This also makes them resistant to impact, water, scratching, graffiti, odor, corrosion, fire, mold, and bacteria, making them a great solution for locker rooms, hospitals, refrigerated areas, and other wet and high humidity areas. All phenolic lockers are 6 tiers.

Dimensions 1 Frame
12"W x 18"D x 72"H SMS-39-PHL1282-6A-FA

Plastic Lockers

Lightweight and durable solid plastic lockers made from high density polyethylene are resistant to impact, weather, chemicals, mold, and mildew, making them a great solution for pool areas, hospitals, outdoor storage, wash down areas, oil rigs, and other high humidity areas. All plastic lockers are 6 tiers.

Dimensions 1 Frame
12"W x 18"D x 72"H SMS-39-HPL1282-6A-TB

16 Box Lockers with Wardrobe Rod

16 person lockers are a perfect storage solution for securing personal belongings. Great for businesses or schools for locking up purses, wallets, keys, lunches, cell phones, and more. Doors lock with a personal padlock (not included) or optional built-in locks.

Locker Type Dimensions Part Numbers
What is a Frame? What is a Tier?
All Purpose 72"W x 18"D x 78"H (Opening 12"W x 12"H) SMS-39-U1788-16PT
Clear Door 72"W x 18"D x 78"H (Opening 12"W x 12"H) SMS-39-USVP1788-16
Heavy Duty 90"W x 18"D x 78"H (Opening 12"W x 12"H) SMS-03-7.56-16D-WR-180

What is a Locker Frame?

1 Frame

3 Frames

What is a Locker Tier?

3 Tiers

4 Tier Lockers - All Purpose Lockers

4 Tiers

5 Tiers

6 Tiers

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