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Sheet Metal Gauges
Last Updated: 05/08/2023

Steel Gauges

Carbon steel is a versatile and widely used material in various industries, thanks to its unique combination of strength, durability, and affordability. Understanding carbon steel gauges is essential for professionals and consumers alike, as the thickness of steel sheets impacts their performance, functionality, and suitability for specific applications. This comprehensive guide on carbon steel gauges provides a detailed overview of the standard gauge system used to classify the thickness of steel sheets. By exploring different gauge sizes, their corresponding thicknesses in both metric and imperial measurements, and their practical implications, this guide aims to help users make informed decisions when selecting carbon steel materials for their projects.

Here's a table with the thicknesses of carbon steel gauges 3GA to 21GA in decimal inches, fractions of an inch, and millimeters. Please note that these values are approximate, and the actual thickness may vary slightly depending on the specific type of steel and manufacturing processes used.

Gauge Decimal Inches Fraction Inches Millimeters
7GA 0.1793 11/64 4.554
8GA 0.1644 5/32 4.176
9GA 0.1495 19/128 3.797
10GA 0.1345 9/64 3.416
11GA 0.1196 1/8 3.038
12GA 0.1046 13/125 2.657
13GA 0.0897 7/64 2.278
14GA 0.0747 3/32 1.897
15GA 0.0673 17/256 1.709
16GA 0.0598 15/256 1.519
17GA 0.0538 11/200 1.367
18GA 0.0478 3/64 1.214
19GA 0.0418 21/500 1.062
20GA 0.0359 9/250 0.912
21GA 0.0329 33/1000 0.836

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