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Keyless Digital Lockers

Keyless digital lockers eliminate the need for manualmanagement of keys. The lockers can be configured for permanent or temporaryuse with multiple locking options for users to store and retrieve theirpersonal items efficiently. Quick Product Finder

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Enjoy Convenient, Secure Storage With Keyless Lockers
After a fun day at an event, you head back to the locker room to pick up your belongings. But what happens when you reach in your pocket and the key is missing?
Don't make your employees or customers rely on easy-to-lose keys. Keyless electronic lockers make it easy to ensure everyone's belongings stay safe G and accessible!
Why Are Keyless Lockers a Great Solution?
Event spaces, fitness centers, spas, healthcare facilities, social clubs, and more all need secure storage. Digital lockers for office use or any setting are a convenient, low-maintenance way to keep valuables safe. StoreMoreStore's all-purpose digital lockers are available in various sizes and compartment configurations, as well as numerous locking options.
Avoid Lost Keys With Digital Keypad Lockers
Keys are easy to lose, difficult to distribute, and complicated to manage. Keyless lockers take keys out of the equation and prevent unnecessary stress. Instead of managing dozens of keys, you can simply switch the locker code when you need to assign it to a new user. We offer an array of electronic lock formats and features, including four-digit pinched access and auto-unlock/lock.
Keyless Digital Lockers Keep Valuables Safe
Lost belongings lead to headaches for all involved. Give your guests or employees peace of mind knowing that their phones are secure with our keyless cell phone lockers, or provide higher-volume storage with our keyless TFL laminate lockers. Our lockers are available with a variety of locking options, including digital keypads and programmable locks. Plus, all of our digital lockers are made of durable materials, like our keyless wood lockers or our unique keyless phenolic lockers.
Electronic Keyless Lockers Are Low Maintenance
When you're running a business, low-maintenance solutions are essential. Electronic keyless lockers, like our keyless backpack lockers, are a hassle-free option, as they don't require an attendant to distribute keys. Locker rooms can become self-service stations for your employees or customers, and you can save time and money. For additional visibility and easier management, our keyless see-through lockers have Plexiglass front doors.
Why Buy Digital Lockers From StoreMoreStore?
We believe that lost keys shouldn't keep people from their belongings. If you have questions about any of our digital storage lockers or other locker solutions, our team of experts is happy to help. Don't hesitate to give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.