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Stand Alone Sorters

Stand Alone mail sorters with all slots mean total space for organizing and sorting your mail. All systems feature adjustable shelves, easy-to-read labels, and various sizes to meet your organizational needs. Quick Product Finder
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Sort and Store Mail With A Stand Alone Mail Sorter

Even in the digital age, physical mail is an invaluable form of communication for many businesses. Most offices still receive financial and legal paperwork, bills, and packages via mail; all of which needs to be sorted and stored until the recipient can pick it up. A mail sorter is a perfect addition for any office or business in need of a mail center storage solution.

How Can Mail Sorting Shelves Support Your Office?

StoreMoreStore's mail sorting shelf units are available with multiple configurations, including adjustable shelves, open and closed storage areas, and pull-out reference shelves. Smart features and durable materials help these units keep your office mail station organized, efficient, and secure.

Keep Mail Organized With an Office Mail Sorter

Mail must get delivered to the right recipient. Our stand-alone sorters with all slots make maximum use of available space with top to bottom slots. Every department or individual can have a dedicated slot marked with convenient snap-on label holders. Our sorters with a 12'' closed base are available in many sizes and depths to ensure proper mail organization.

Add Additional Storage With Mailroom Sorter Shelves

Many of our mail sorters allow you to expand your existing storage area. A free-standing mail organizer like our stand-alone sorter with storage space offers plenty of space at the unit's base, ideal for packages, supplies, and other items. Stand-alone sorters with reference shelves and open areas have the added bonus of a reference shelf for convenient mail sorting and sending.

Keep Mail Secure With Mail Sorters

If your office receives confidential mail or if you need to send sensitive documents between departments, mail sorters with doors add an extra level of security. A stand-alone sorter with slide doors features secure storage below the slots, while all-slot mail sorters with doors can be locked entirely for maximum security. For maximum efficiency, check out our stand-alone sorters with reference shelves and slide doors. These units offer secure storage at the base, with plenty of mail slots and a pull-out reference shelf.

Why Buy Mail Sorting Shelf Units From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that an organized mail center is a key to any successful office. To learn more about how StoreMoreStore's mailroom furniture; or any of our other storage products; can help your workplace, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.