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Mailroom Furniture

Pre-manufactured casework, sorting shelving, mail tables, sorters, and more mail center products are available to help organize your mailroom.
  • Bulk Sorting Shelving

    Bulk Sorting Shelving

    Bulk mail sorting bins and shelves store and organize mail while using your floor space efficiently.

  • Locking Mail Slot Cabinets

    Locking Mail Slot Cabinets

    Locking mail slot cabinets include multiple locking doors with individual built-in mail slots to collect and distribute office mail securely.
  • Mail Tables

    Mail Tables

    We have a wide variety of mailroom furniture casework cabinets that make sorting and organizing easy. Sorting tables, cabinets, and tables are available in multiple sizes with many options to adapt your furniture to your specific workflow needs. Quick Product Finder

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  • Mailcenter Products

    Hamilton Sorter Mailcenter Product Catalog

    Mail center products efficiently sort your mail and literature for ergonomic and quick access in the most efficient amount of space used.

  • Mailroom Casework

    Mailroom Casework

    We have a variety of mailroom casework furniture, including tables, shelves, cabinets, and sorters to efficiently organize your mail. Mailroom FurnitureWatch Video
  • Mailroom Furniture Kits

    Mailroom Furniture Kits

    Modular mailroom furniture kits are pre-made and shipped to you ready to install. Choose from one of our predesigned kits or contact us to design your own.
  • Sorter Accessories

    Sorter Accessories

    Hamilton Sorter Mailroom Accessory Parts

    A variety of mail sorter accessories, shelves for letter and legal-size sort modules, partitions, indexing strips, and more are available for your mail sorting and distribution needs. If you don't see the exact Hamilton Sorter part you need, send us an email or give us a call toll free at 1-855-786-7667.

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  • Sorters with Hanging Folders

    Sorters with Hanging Folders

    Mail sorters with hanging folders store and organize mail, forms, literature, brochures, and more in a small floorspace footprint.

  • Sorters with Horizontal Slots

    Sorters with Horizontal Slots

    Mail sorters with shelves and folders create a flexible and durable modular solution that can be adjusted to your needs for sorting, organizing, and distributing mail and supplies for offices, schools, universities, and more.

  • Sorters with Shelves & Folders

    Sorters with Shelves & Folders

    Mail sorters with shelves and folders create a flexible and durable modular solution that can be adjusted to your needs for sorting, organizing, and distributing mail and supplies for offices, schools, universities, and more.

  • Stand Alone Sorters

    Stand Alone Sorters

    Stand Alone mail sorters with all slots means total space for organizing and sorting your mail. All systems feature adjustable shelves, easy to read labels, and various sizes to meet your organizational needs.
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  • Table Top Sorters

    Desktop Mail-room Sorters

    Desktop mailroom sorters are available in a variety of sizes including letter, legal, and oversize as well as specialty units. With multiple options available, the mailroom sorters allow for quick sorting, organizing, and distribution of mail, literature, and supplies. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help. Architectural Revit Models

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  • Wire Mailroom & Package Carts

    Wire Mailroom & Package Carts

    Mobile mail delivery carts are constructed with a flexible design that allows you to easily add or remove modular and adjustable components.

A well-designed, efficiently-run mailroom is essential to every business or organization, no matter how large or small. If your mailroom can’t keep up, all other areas of your business can grind to a halt.

Explore Mailroom Furniture Solutions

Mail centers require furniture that meets the constantly changing needs of the organization. Mail volume and mailroom personnel may fluctuate from time to time, and mailroom furniture needs to adjust to these changes.

That’s why our mailroom organizers and furniture are designed to ensure that your mailroom facility operates optimally. Some of our most popular pieces include:

  • Stand Alone Sorters. These mailroom sorters offer exceptional adjustability and labeling to make the most of your office mailroom. The pieces in this range come in various sizes and feature adjustable shelves with easy to read labels.
  • Mail Tables. Mailroom sorting tables come in various designs to help mailroom personnel efficiently sort mail and packages.
  • Bulk Sorting Shelving. Our range of bulk sorting shelving is built to effectively organize and store mail while making maximum use of the available floor space.
  • Mailroom Furniture Kits. These ready-made modular mailroom kits are an excellent mailroom organizer and are shipped ready for installation. You can choose from the predesigned kits or request a custom-made kit.
  • Sorters with Shelves and Folders. Mailroom shelves with sorters and folders are a durable and flexible modular solution that you can adjust to suit your needs.

StoreMoreStore is a leading supplier of mailroom solutions to a variety of organizations. We’ve outfitted mailrooms in a variety of industries, and our excellent customer service team is always standing by to answer your questions.

Get in touch with us today for stand alone sorters, bulk sorting and shelving, mailroom furniture kits, and many other pieces that will help your mailroom stay on top of things.