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Hospital Carts

  • Catheter Storage Carts

    Catheter Storage Carts

    Catheter storage carts with glass doors provide a mobile, space-saving solution that are ideal to use in central sterilization areas for infection control. Carts are available with modular baskets, trays, and more to provide a sanitary storage environment with surfaces designed for easy cleaning and draining.

  • Hospital Column Carts

    Hospital Column Carts

    Hospital column carts have glass doors with a tempered design to keep stored supplies dust-free, clean and visible to healthcare personnel. Configurations have surfaces that are easy to clean and drain and can include modular baskets, catheter holders and more that promote optimal space use, infection control, and ergonomics.

  • Medical Bin Transport Cart

    Medical Bin Transport Cart

    Wire transport carts include large bins that are great for storing and transporting medical, electronic, and industrial parts and inventory. The durable plastic bins are sized for efficient space usage and provide a clean storage environment.

  • Medical Drawer Carts

    Medical Drawer Carts

    Medical drawer carts on wheels provide fast and efficient storage of hospital supplies. A wide range of carts are available, including isolation carts, ER carts, pediatric carts, crash carts, defibrillator carts, critical care carts, and much more.

  • Surgical Case Carts

    Surgical Case Carts

    Stainless steel surgical case carts are designed to efficiently store and transport sterile instruments to the operating room. The carts are easy to maneuver with reinforced doors. Removable pull-out stainless shelves are available in wire, perforated steel, or solid steel and are adjustable on 2” increments.

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Bin Transport Cart Large Bins Tall Mobile Rack Cart Quantum WRC2-63-3036-974976 Bin Transport Cart with Large Bins (3'W x 2' 6"D x 5' 9"H), #SMS-45-WRC2-63-3036-974976
List Price: $1,340.14
Our Price: $1,167.36
Sale Price: $1,097.32 (Free Dock to Dock Shipping)*
You save $242.82!
Case Carts Closed Stainless Surgery Carts Hospital Instruments Eagle ELCSC-3 Case Carts (2' 5"W x 2' 6"D x 4' 9-1/2"H), #SMS-86-ELCSC-3-P
List Price: $4,693.01
Our Price: $3,650.12 (Free Dock to Dock Shipping)*
You save $1,042.89!
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We have a complete line of medical carts that can be suited for your particular need whether it's an emergency room crash cart or an anesthesia cart we can help find what you need. Our carts are made completely in the U.S.A, and are solid steel or Aluminum construction. Each of our carts has various locking and drawer configurations. Most of our medical carts come in 14 standard colors. Check above for some of our more popular medical carts.