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Museum, Entomology, and Herbarium Dry Storage Cabinets

Museum Cabinets Herbarium Entomology Specimen Storage Cabinets

Multiple types of museum cabinets are available to protect your specimen collection for museum curators, university research departments, private collections, and more. These cabinets are specially designed to preserve and protect collections from dust, light, insects, mold, theft, and other damaging factors. Cabinets are available for entomology specimen storage, herbarium collections, geological artifacts, and museum artifacts. A complete line of interior drawers are available including Cornell, Smithsonian, California, or USNM style. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.

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Museum Storage Cabinets for Collection Preservation

Museums have a unique mandate to protect, preserve, and archive valuable artifacts for current and future generations. With only three to five percent of collections on display at a time, museums need extensive, highly protective storage that makes the most of their available space.
StoreMoreStore has a deep inventory of purpose-built museum cabinets that protect collections from dust, light, insects, and mold, enabling curators, university research departments, and private collectors to store their treasures with confidence.

Why Use Preservation Cabinets?

Protect Your Collection

Museum storage has multiple jobs centered around protecting against decay and theft. The right storage setup is an asset to the museum, facilitating cataloging and organization; when the time comes to rotate the museum displays, curators can identify and retrieve items from storage.
StoreMoreStore offers museum cabinets suited to several specialties. Biology departments and natural history museums will find our botanical collection storage and plant specimen drying cabinets invaluable, while entomologists will appreciate our entomology storage cabinets. Geologists will make good use of our exceptionally sturdy geological rock cabinets.

Maximize Your Existing Space

Museums and private collections typically have many artifacts that they must fit into a limited storage area. Oversized or irregular-sized items, such as those commonly found in natural history museums, can be a challenge, but a large museum cabinet can often accommodate them. In general, high-density museum storage solutions efficiently optimize available floor space, a particular concern for museums located in densely populated cities where additional storage space is unavailable.

Why Buy Museum Storage Cabinets from StoreMoreStore?

At StoreMoreStore, we believe museum storage serves a valuable public function and requires the very best storage equipment available. We've been trusted suppliers to museums, universities, and private collectors, and our expert staff can advise you on the products that best match your requirements. To learn more about how we can help your museum maximize its storage space, or to inquire about our other cabinets, contact us at (855) 786-7667 or by email anytime.