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Filing & Storage Products

  • Classification folders

    Classification Folders

    A variety of end tab classification folders are available to organize your files for fast, accurate identification and storage.

  • Colorbar® Labels

    Colorbar©® Labels

    Smead ColorBar File Folder Labels | Color Bar File Label Printing Software
    Smead ColorBar file folder labels print one-piece folder name labels by using color bar label printing software. The printing software can be used on an ordinary office printer and make organization, categorization, and identification of files quick and easy. All ColorBar labels and software are available including #170025 and #170078 laser labels, #170173 and #170166 ink jet labels, #02367 and #02365 ColorBar Express Software, #02350 Composer Software, additional seats, and annual maintenance.

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  • Document Scanning Service

    Document Scanning Service

    We scan documents! Whether you need legal or letter-sized records scanned or large plan drawings up to 36” by 72” we can help. Our scanning services are CJIS and HIPAA compliant.

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  • End Tab Folders

    End Tab Folders

    Create your own perfect folder
    with our Folder Designer

    Use Our Folder Designer
  • File Folder Labels

    File Folder Labels

    Customized file folder and color coded labels organize your files and make items easy to find and store.

  • Large Hanging Files

    Large Hanging Files

    Large Document Files | Artwork Folders | Art pH Neutral Folders for Archival Preservation

    We offer a wide variety of large document hanging file folders and pH neutral folders for archival preservation. These folders store and protect archival documents, newspapers, photographs, paintings, drawings, maps, prints, and other valuable and delicate materials on paper. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.

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  • Oblique File Folders

    Oblique File Folders

    A complete line of oblique filing system products are available in numerous sizes for all types of applications, including letter and legal filing, literature and forms management, mail sorting, newspapers, periodicals, sheet music, artwork, plan drawings, and more. The hanging folders come with magnified lens label holders and are available in six colors to help you organize your files for quick and efficient retrieval.

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  • On-Demand Labels

    On-Demand Labels

    Shop for on-demand labels, custom label design, and automated file labeling system software.

  • Redrope Filing Pockets

    Redrope Filing Pockets

    Red Rivet Redrope Expanding File Pocket Folders Shelf Filing Pockets

    All types of redrope expanding file pocket folders with shelf filing pockets are available including Red Rivet, Gussco, and Smead. Legal file pockets that expand up to 5" wide as well as side tab and end tab expanding pockets are available to store and organize all of your documents in one place. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or
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  • Tabbies File Handles

    Tabbies File Handles

    Tabbies File Labels | Filing Handles for Expanding File Pocket | Color Band Name Label Strips

    Tabbies file handles and color band strips are used on file labels as pull handles to prevent tearing of redrope file pocket gussets. The tabbies simply adhere to the sides of the file pockets to provide a usable handle instead of pulling on the file gusset, which can cause damage. Tabbies file handles are available in six colors to aid in file identification and multiple sizes to fit many different file pockets. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.

What Is Filing and Storage?

Even in the digital era, many businesses still rely on or are required to maintain paper records. Keeping these files organized and easily accessible is crucial to improving a business’s productivity and avoiding costly mistakes. At StoreMoreStore, we offer a variety of tried-and-true filing supplies that can help any business keep track of their important records. Some of our most popular filing solutions include:

Why Do You Need Filing and Storage?

Storing paper files and records is a crucial element for many businesses. Companies that cannot organize their paperwork risk wasting valuable time or even losing crucial files. Implementing document filing solutions can dramatically increase a company’s productivity and effectiveness. For example, business filing solutions are a necessity for companies that need to store patient medical records, inventory information, student records, and confidential legal and financial files.

Why Does Filing and Storage Help?

Investing in filing supply storage products gives your employees a fast and easy way to access the information necessary to do their jobs. Products as simple as colored labels and hanging files can help you keep your records organized so that you never lose data. The right filing system supplies can also free up space in your office while letting you keep your records close at hand. Finally, the right labels help your employees quickly understand how your files are organized and make it easy for them to pull needed files.

Who Needs Filing and Storage?

Every business that relies on paper documentation can benefit from investing in the right filing supplies. Whether you need to store medical records, signed contracts, or old marketing pieces, the right document filing solution can make your business run more smoothly.

In particular, strong filing solutions are a must for these businesses:

  • Medical offices
  • Government organizations
  • Law firms
  • Schools
  • Educational businesses
  • Law enforcement offices

Why Buy Filing Supplies from StoreMoreStore?

If you want to work with a business that offers unbeatable customer service and a proven track record, then StoreMoreStore is your filing solutions provider. Not only do we offer a variety of business filing solutions, but we can also help you effectively store and organize all your equipment, tools, and components. We’ve helped countless businesses, big and small, improve their systems. To upgrade your filing supplies, contact us at (855) 786-7667 or email us today.