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Small Parts Shelving with Drawers, 4 drawers (42"W X 24"D X 87"H), #SMS-81-R5SGE-871801
Industrial Modular Drawer Shelving R5SGE-8718012 | Industrial Shelves 42 x 24 x 87
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shelving with modular drawers

Shelving With Modular Drawers With Dividers

Modular Drawer Shelving includes steel shelving with modular drawers. Drawers are available with or without adjustable drawer partitions and divider compartments. Shelving includes 5 storage levels, 3-4" drawers and 1-6" drawer. Optional partition and divider package for all drawers is based on the height of the drawer (see photo).

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List Price: $2,685.05
Our Price: $1,518.66 (Free Dock to Dock Shipping)*
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Price with Selected Options: $1,518.66
Dimensions: 42"W x 24"D x 87"H
Opening: 5 Storage Levels/4 Drawers
Type: Small Parts Shelving with Drawers
Weight: 372 Lbs.

Availability: Ships in 15-20 business days
Ship time subject to change without notice
Product Code: SMS-81-R5SGE-871801

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Shelving with Modular Drawers, 4 drawers with dividers (42"W X 24"D X 87"H), #SMS-81-R5SGE-871801

These heavy-duty steel shelving units combine storage for large, medium and small parts all in one unit. The shelving is designed to store heavy items on the lower shelf level, medium-size cartons on the upper levels, and small parts in waist-high pull-out drawers. Drawer shelving units are available in 36", 42", and 48" shelf widths, 18" and 24" shelf depths, and 75" and 87" shelf heights.

These units are perfect for maintenance departments, supply parts rooms, warehouses, distribution facilities, and anyplace where multiple sized parts are stored.

Drawer Shelving Includes:

  • Closed sides and back panels
  • Floor anchor kit (shelving with drawers must be anchored to the floor)
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Drawers and drawer mounting brackets
  • Drawers come with or without adjustable partitions and divider compartments
  • Each drawer has a 400 lb load capacity with 100% extension for full access to drawer contents
  • Contact us for personalized cabinet configurations

Drawer Shelving Shelf Capacities:

Shelf capacities are based on evenly distributed loads as follows:

  • 36" wide by 18" deep - 800 lbs per shelf
  • 36" wide by 24" deep - 625 lbs per shelf
  • 42" wide by 18" deep - 650 lbs per shelf
  • 42" wide by 24" deep - 650 lbs per shelf
  • 48" wide by 18" deep - 575 lbs per shelf
  • 48" wide by 24" deep - 600 lbs per shelf