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Sliding Mobile Shelving Products

Sliding mobile shelves save space in offices and warehouses by sliding back and forth on tracks. We have units designed for file storage and box storage, but these steel storage shelves are easily adjustable for storing whatever you need. Double and triple-deep sliding mobile shelves are available with multiple standard configurations to choose from. You can also design your own sliding shelving system to meet your unique needs. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing). Quick Product Finder

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Optimize Your Storage Space with Sliding Shelving
If your company needs to store a lot of inventory, supplies, records, files, or more, then sliding shelving can be a big help. Sliding shelf storage, like our sliding bin shelving units, allows you to keep your assets organized and close at hand while optimizing the space of your office. At StoreMoreStore, we offer a wide range of mobile shelving for nearly every need.
What Is Sliding Shelf Storage?
If you need to store a lot of items, you may find yourself placing more and more shelving units around your office. This can lead to clutter and make it difficult to keep your records or assets organized if your shelves are far apart. The solution is mobile shelving.
Sliding shelving consists of a set of shelves placed on a track and lined up two, three, or even four rows deep. By sliding the shelves along the track, your employees can access the files or items they need.
At StoreMoreStore, our mobile shelving units are easily adjustable and come in multiple configurations, such as letter size shelving and legal size shelving.
The Benefits of Sliding Shelving
Mobile shelving units are a big help to any type of office that regularly produces a lot of files or needs to store excess supplies or inventory. By putting the shelving units on a track and stacking them multiple rows deep, businesses can make the most of their space. This can eliminate the need for off-site storage and free up more space for business growth.
Mobile shelving can also keep all your records or items together, making it easier for employees to grab the file they need quickly and efficiently. With multiple configurations available, you can choose the sliding shelving that fits your existing space. Best of all, as your storage needs grow, you can add another row of sliding bin shelving or whatever kind of shelving you need.
What Businesses Need Sliding Shelf Storage?
Any business that needs a high-density storage solution can benefit from investing in mobile shelving units. That includes:
  • Hospitals and medical offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Law offices
  • Long-term storage facilities
Where to Buy Sliding Shelf Storage
When it comes time to invest in mobile shelving, make sure to work with a company that can serve your unique needs. Are you looking for sliding bin storage or even sliding shelving for golf bags? At StoreMoreStore, we’ve got you covered. We believe that the right storage solution can help your business be more efficient and productive. Contact us today at (855) 786-7667 or email us for a quote on sliding shelving.