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[Discontinued] Trunk Gun Locker Safes for Police Vehicles, #SMS-71-CT0100
Trunk mounted firearms locker uses no floor room and keeps guns and weapons safe and secure, every trunk gun safe includes a master key override, in case of a dead battery. The lock is made of tamper resistant hardened steel.
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police car trunk lockers for securing guns and weapons

Trunk Gun Locker Safes for Police Vehicles, #SMS-71-CT0100

Trunk mounted gun lockers for police vehicles to safely and securely store pistols, rifles, ammo, shotguns, magazines, and other law enforcement equipment. These universal weapons storage drawers can be installed in any police vehicle to keep guns and weapons safe and secure. Every gun safe includes three points of entry; remote entry, hidden push button, and a master key (in case of a dead battery). These units are only available to law enforcement and security-related personnel.

Includes mounting brackets and hardware kit.

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Installation instructions available here

Typically Holds:

  • 2 long guns
  • Multiple Handguns


Price with Selected Options: $0.00
Outside Dimensions (SUV): 42" W x 18" D x 11" H
Outside Dimensions (Car): 38-1/2" W x 15" D x 7" H
(Inside dimensions of locker is 38" W x 15" D x 7" H for Car and SUV)

Type: See Compatible Models
Other: Does not include unistrut bracing (found at your local hardware store) for mounting, fasteners, or installation.
Car Version: 69 Lbs.
SUV Version: 123 Lbs.

Availability: [Discontinued]
Product Code: SMS-71-CT0100


Vehicle Model*:
Sedan - Chevy
Sedan - Dodge [Add $29.54]
Sedan - Taurus Pursuit [Add $73.85]
Sedan - Other [Add $29.54]
SUV - Ford Explorer - Riser Mount [Add $266.56]
SUV - Ford Explorer - Floor Mount [Add $192.71]
SUV - Other - Floor Mount [Add $266.56]
SUV - Other - Riser Mount [Add $318.24]



Trunk Gun Locker Safes for Police Vehicles, #SMS-71-CT0100

Weapons cargo cabinets for police vehicles safely and securely stores all types of weapons including pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammo, and magazines. These universal locking weapon storage drawers can be installed in any police vehicle or SUV to keep guns and weapons safe and secure. Every trunk gun safe includes three points of entry; 1) remote entry; 2) hidden push button, and 3) a master key (in case of a dead battery).

Includes mounting brackets and hardware kit.

Features of Trunk Mounted Gun Locker Safes

  • Weapons Storage Drawers can be accessed by the press of a button.
  • Designed to mount in the trunk to allow enough room for law enforcement radios.
  • Uses no floor space in trunk, allowing more storage space.
  • Includes master key override in case of a dead battery.
  • Hardened steel tamper-resistant lock.
animation of SMS Gun Trunk Locker opening and closing




(fits any car trunk 38-1/2"
or more wide)
Charger 2006-2010*
Charger 2011 & Newer
Crown Victoria
Taurus 2010 & Newer
Ford Interceptor 2010 & Newer


(fits any SUV with
42" or more clearance
between wheel wells)
Saturn SUV

Chevy Tahoe
Explorer Utility Pursuit
Honda Pilot
Nissan Murano
*Requires special bracket for installation (Please request during checkout or message us)

In-Vehicle Gun Safes Quick Weapon Access Lockers (14 seconds)

Vehicle Weapon Storage Locker for Storing Weapons in SUV's (1:31 minutes)

Police Vehicle Gun Cabinets (28 seconds)

In-vehicle gun safes and quick weapon access lockers provide secure storage and peace of mind.

Vehicle weapon storage lockers are a safe and secure way for storing small and large guns in SUVs.

Securely store your guns, ammo, rifles, shotguns, pistols, weapons, and other equipment in the trunk of your vehicle.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions available here

The Trunk Gun Locker is designed to keep weapons securely locked up and out of sight but allow authorized access in 1 second. It is mounted in the trunk of police vehicles with the visible part of the locker carpet covered black to blend in and not stand out. It opens by electric impulse from either a hidden button or wireless remote key fob. There is also a master key provided with each locker to allow access in case of vehicle power failure. All this without using any trunk floor space.

1.0 Options:

  • Dividers-Each locker is shipped with 2 plastic divider boxes. They are used to separate weapons and hold accessories i.e.: pistol, ammo, etc. They have Velcro bottoms and simply press in place.
  • Wireless remote control-This remote allows locker to be opened by key fob remote.

1.1 Pilot lighting sw-29 4-channel wireless remote -

We recommend this remote for several reasons.

  • It has 4 channels, which can all be wired to the locker. We like this because in the event of a relay failure you have 3 more relays already wired in and working
  • Each channel can be used as a momentary or maintained switch that allows installer to use other channels for other uses. i.e.: siren kill, lighting control, etc.
  • Self contained unit so no outboard relays are necessary.
  • Each remote fob has an on/off switch to prevent accidental opening of locker.

The lockers are sized the maximum size allowed by the currently available police vehicles.

2.0 Dimensions:

  • Inside Clear: 38" Wide x 7" Tall x 15" Deep (front to back)
Vehicle Type Inside Clear Outside
SUV 38" W x 15" D x 7" H 42" W x 18" D x 11" H
Car 38" W x 15" D x 7" H 38-1/2" W x 15" D x 7" H

3.1 Electrical specifications:

  • The electrical actuators are designed and manufactured for automotive use.
  • Actuators-12 volt dc
  • Current 2.5 amps @ 12 dc each total draw 5 amps @ 12 volts dc
  • Entire circuit to be fused at 15 amps for short circuit protection.

3.2 Locking mechanism:

  • Comprised of 2-5/8" x 3/4" x 3" long electro galvanized steel bolts
  • Locking mechanism is electrical release with master key override.
  • Key lock is made of hardened tool steel
  • Master key override is to allow access to locker in case of electrical system failure. I.e.: dead battery, etc.

3.3 Construction:

  • All steel parts are CNC laser cut and CNC brake formed.
  • All structural steel parts are 14 ga. steel
  • All covers are 20 ga. steel

3.4 Finish:

  • All steel parts are electro galvanized.
  • Front of locker is covered with autobond black carpet.
  • Interior of locker is lined with autobond black carpet.
  • Continuous door hinge is bright nickel plate.


Manufacturers 1 year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
Made in USA.