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Wire Shelving & Carts

Wire shelving and racks (also called bakers racks) are available in multiple configurations and promote a clean and dust-free environment with wire construction for healthcare, electronics storage, food storage, and more.
Just as some inventory needs to be sealed for proper preservation, some items are best stored in a spot that allows for airflow and convenient access. Wire storage shelves provide flexible, versatile storage for products that need exposure to open air, and they come in various configurations that can grow with you.
Why Should You Use Wire Storage?
StoreMoreStore's wire shelving is available in an assortment of materials and arrangements. Our shelves and carts can be customized to suit your specific needs and add mobility with casters, durability with special finishes, or additional space with add-on units. Here are just a few of the many benefits:
Increase Efficiency
Open wire shelving and wire basket shelves let you see what is stored in each unit, boosting productivity and minimizing time spent searching for a specific item. Wire basket carts are excellent for oddly-shaped tools, electronics, auto parts, and more. You can also purchase additional dividers to organize the interior of the baskets for faster retrieval of the appropriate item or add casters to wire basket storage shelves for easy movement, which speeds up restocking and distribution.
Save Space
Maximize your storage real estate with pull-out wire shelves and rolling wire shelves. These wire storage options feature compact silhouettes and are adjustable, eliminating wasted space. Wire pull-out shelving can be rolled out individually, which is an excellent option for warehouses, healthcare facilities, and more. Wire mobile shelving utilizes tracks to condense space while providing high-density storage.
Clean, Safe Storage
If you are storing items that require specific conditions, such as medical equipment or food, stainless wire shelving can protect them. Wire storage allows light and air to pass through, increasing cleanliness by preventing moisture and dust build-up. Stainless steel wire shelves are easy to clean and hygienic, made with corrosion- and temperature-resistant materials. Antimicrobial wire shelves are made with a special finish that suppresses bacteria growth, making them ideal for hospitals, labs, food storage, and more.
Why Buy Wire Storage Shelves From StoreMoreStore?
At StoreMoreStore, we believe in the value of a strong organizational system. We've helped companies like yours meet their organizational goals and boost efficiency with our easy to install wire mesh shelves, and we would love to help you do the same. Reach out to our customer service experts today by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.